Tips For A Healthier Mouth: Pt. 1

Here at EP Dentistry 4 Kids we know that when it comes to keeping a whiter, healthier smile that we’re not the only ones who play a role!

It’s extremely important to be proactive about keeping your teeth clean if you want to maintain a healthy smile, so we’ve compiled a few tips for you to follow to make sure you’re always doing your part in the battle against plaque, tooth decay, enamel decay, etc.

5 Tips to Maintain Healthy Teeth

Brush 2-3 Minutes

It may be repeated often, but brushing your teeth for the proper amount of time is crucial to keeping your teeth clean and avoiding unnecessary trips to the dentist’s office.

We recommend 2-3 minutes of brushing. Certainly not any less, but not necessarily more either. It’s good to balance the amount of scrubbing you do on your teeth daily.

Which leads us to our next tip…


Overbrushing, or not brushing your teeth enough, is more destructive than you might think.

Doing so can either cause your tooth enamel to be damaged over time, or if you’re not brushing enough you’re most likely collecting a lot of unwanted bacteria and plaque in your mouth, yuck!

It’s recommended that adults and kids brush their teeth 1-2 times each day, but no more than 3!

Eat Crispy Vegetables/Fruits

Another healthy way to keep your smile shining is to be healthier in your diet! There are a multitude of fruits and vegetables that have the unique ability to scrub the surface of your teeth with their abrasive like properties and keep them clean throughout the day.

Some of these fruits and veggies include: apples, raw carrots, celery sticks, etc. You can even substitute non-buttered popcorn as it is also considered a “detergent” food.

So snack away! But don’t forget about…

Mouthwashing After Snacks

One of the most important ways to keep your mouth healthy is to keep food from becoming lodged or stuck in between the teeth and gums.

Once stuck, the food collects more and more bacteria over time and increases your chance of developing minor cavities and plaque build-up in hard to reach areas.

The quickest way to remove food and build-up is to mouthwash once or twice daily in between major meals or after snacks.

Flossing works just as well, if not better, but if you feel something get stuck never just leave it be – grab a toothpick, some floss or rinse your mouth briefly to clean it out as soon as possible.

Create a Routine

There are so many tips to keep your teeth clean and avoid non-regular visits to your local dentist, but probably the most important of all is to develop a routine.

Making a habit out of when you brush your teeth, how often you floss, and paying mind to maintaining their beauty is essential to keeping them healthy throughout your lifetime.

Most of us brush both morning and night as we get in and out of bed, but for some this isn’t always the most feasible routine. Find out what times work best for you to be able to properly brush and rinse and start making it a habit to do it daily at those times.

The goal is to make maintaining a healthy smile more of a subconscious activity than something you have to think about constantly in order to achieve!


These are just a few easy tips for being your own dentist while we’re not in the picture!

We’ll be back in our next blog with a few more so be on the lookout!

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