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What are space maintainers and does my child need them?

If a baby tooth is lost prematurely, a custom-made space maintainer may be necessary to save space in your child’s mouth for the permanent teeth to later come in properly. Baby teeth may be lost prematurely as a result of dental trauma, dental disease, or part of orthodontic treatment.

A space maintainer will prevent untoward movement of the remaining adjacent teeth. Both cemented and removable space maintainers protect your child’s teeth by keeping them in their original position. Most children adjust to them easily within a few days.

In many cases, a space maintainer can prevent the need for future extensive orthodontic treatment.

It is important your child maintains good oral hygiene while wearing a space maintainer. This prevents plaque from building up on the gums, teeth, and the space maintainer itself. In most cases a space maintainer will stay in your child’s mouth for several years, until the permanent tooth comes in. The dentist will evaluate your child’s space maintainer at each appointment and recommend it be removed when it is appropriate.

Space maintainers can help prevent tooth shifting!

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